How We Started

The idea that struck for the establishment of Shree Aashirwad comes from the harm that the country was experiencing from the chemically processed refined oil high in fatty acids manufactured by different oil companies just to generate higher revenues. These are hot- pressed oil which is made by crushing the input material at a high speed, generating heat up to 200-degree Celsius. After getting exposed to so much heat and addictive chemicals, the oil loses all its nutritional value and causes damage to the human body. This kind of oil, as witnessed, was leading to larger cases of hypertension, cancer, and inflammation.

With the deepest urge to bring down this harm, Shree Aashirwad marks its USP as a company; serving the finest, purest, and non- chemically processed range of oil consisting of Mustard, Groundnut, and Sesame, Almond, Flaxseed and coconut oil. These naturally processed oils are free from any kind of heat, chemicals, and harmful extracts. This cold- pressed oil is made by slow crushing of input material without any heat generation in the entire process. It is rich in Vitamin E, having high anti- inflammatory properties, and oleic acid, which boosts immunity and maintains the health of individuals.

We at Shree Aashirwad are bound to provide 100% pure and chemical- free unfiltered oil. It has become necessary due to the lifestyles in which our youth is stepping in and since the edible oil is used almost 3 times a day in each household while cooking, this has to be pure and free from any kind of external ingredients. Inspired from India’s ancient Ayurveda, oils manufactured at Shree Aashirwad embrace purity and the best quality. After digging into the roots of ancient Ayurveda, we found out the mechanism of the human body to conclude with our process of preparing chemical- free oil.

The oil range offered by Shree Aashirwad consists of 6 major kinds of oil Mustard oil, Sesame oil, Flaxseed oil, Almond oil, Groundnut oil, and coconut oil. This range of three major oils comes in different quantities to help customers buy according to their needs of use. Our cold- pressed oil contains no chemical flavors and due to its extraction process of manual filtration, it becomes more viscous, and completely holds the flavors for long, if preserved well. You can know more about the composition of each product oil by going to our products section. You can explore the complete range and bring purity to your doorstep. Order now. Click here.

How do We Work?

The process, inspired by Ayurveda, has the sole aim of bringing out the purity in the oils. The oil in the factories of Shree Aashirwad is manually extracted, from the different seeds. In cold-pressed oil of Black Mustard, a traditional wooden mill method is used. This traditional mill which is also known as Kachi Ghani or Mara Chekku traditionally, gives the traditional fine finish to the oil. It gets cold- pressed at a temperature of only 30-47 degrees Celsius, reducing the heat generation at the time of manufacturing that preserves the flavors of the oil. The unrefined, organic, and cold- pressed oil makes the final output of the oil At this low temperature, Black Mustard seeds ensure all its natural flavors and nutrients and makes it perfect for all kinds of Indian cooking. It is hence an output with Zero additives, Zero Preservatives, and Vegan & Gluten-free oil straight from the factories to your traditional kitchen.

Similarly, Shree Aashirwad’s Groundnut oil is extracted. With the natural filtration process of sedimentation, this groundnut oil is free from impurities and is 100% pure and unrefined. This mechanical process of Cold Pressing extracts and separates the oil from seeds or nuts at a temperature not exceeding above 35-degree Celsius and without any chemical intervention and addition of harmful substances. As the name defines, it is a process of atmosphere and low temperature. This pressing process applies pressure or force to squeeze and extract oil from the seeds rather than just heating it up due to fast grinding. And not to wonder, this whole process makes our oil high in nutrients when cold- pressed and retains all its flavors giving the best of its health and taste benefits.

The coconut oil extracted at Shree Aashirwad forms a similar process with a little improvisation of extracting. After procuring the raw material of matured coconuts from our best and reliable sources, we do all the necessary tests of any kind of raw material and facilitate its storage. After grating the coconut and mixing it with water, the milk is squeezed out of the fresh coconuts through nut milk bags. Through the cold pressing process, the oil undergoes minimal processing and remains rich in nutrients with lecithin, antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, and many other nutrients good for human health.

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