Nutritional benefits of Sesame

Astonishing ways to use sesame oil for gorgeous skin and face.

In today’s era, pollution and heat are ubiquitous and the ozone layer is getting worse every day, we are all hunting for products that can save our skin. One such fail to appreciate product is sesame oil, which works in magnificent ways to help the skin be its best self.

Sesame oil for body massage:
Sesame oil is jam-packed with natural detox properties that helps the skin to be spanking new, healthy, and spotless. The thick nature of the sesame oil makes it penetrate through the skin, and allows the oil to go through the deep tissues and nourish them. Heat the oil to just about skin bearable temperature and use in copious amounts to massage, soak for 20 minutes and bathe. Don’t soap off entirely and let there be a mild oily sheen after you towel. You can also heat the oil, add some pepper and garlic in it, let it a cool a bit and use for full body massage. Do this twice a week.

Sesame oil for dry skin and resultant wrinkles:
Sesame oil and its natural properties make it a great moisturizer. Apply a thin layer of warm oil and soak for 10 minutes daily before bath. Don’t soap off entirely and let there be a mild oily sheen after you towel.You will start seeing results in two weeks and also help various skin conditions. It gives a beautiful taut texture to skin with a look of glow.

Sesame oil for skin fairness:
Sesame oil also acts as a natural sunscreen; it helps the skin against UV rays. Apply a thin layer over the skin and it will help by not allowing ozone particles to oxidize and makes a natural sunblock.

Sesame oil for soft skin:
Sesame oil is full of fatty acids, vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants and has a very thick and rich texture. All of these properties make sure that the oil really seeps into the skin and nourishes the skin from the inside, giving a beautiful and velvet touch to the skin!

Sesame oil for cracked heels:
Sesame oil is ideal for cracked heels! Rub it onto your heels at night and keep it overnight. The oil’s wholesome properties and healing properties will make sure that our heels heal more rapidly.

Sesame oil for mental calmness:
A Sesame oil lamp lit in a dark room fills the room with pure positive energy and health. The etheric aura around the fire and aroma induces deep breathing, calms the mind and even improves communication between people. Practice meditation, yoga or just chat with your loved ones in the cocoon of etheric aura. Unfortunately, people buy the cheapest ‘lamp oil’ and light lamps in a mechanical way, ignorant of this significance.

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