How Refined oil is killing you inside

How Refined oil is killing you inside

Are you a victim of TV commercial ads? We have watched ads for refined oil and salt a lot of times. Every ad says that their refined oil is beneficial for your health and many more. But today, in this blog we will tell you about the truth of Refined Oil and how is it killing us and our health.

Firstly, Let’s talk about the upcoming generational changes first and discuss the world we are living in in 2022.

“From pottery to steel and plastic pots, and then coming again to the pottery due to the fear of cancer. On Signatures with Thumb Impression and then come to Thumb Scanning, On clean and pressed clothes with torn plain clothes and then tear your pants in the name of fashion, from cotton to terylene, tarricott, and then back to cotton. Reading and writing scared of life’s strenuous life and then sweating organic farming after doing IIM MBA, On Canned Food & packed juices and then to come again to the natural mines to avoid diseases, Branded instead of using old and simple things and then finally getting down on the old (antiques) when you are full, Preventing children from playing in the mud by scaring them of infection and then make it a slump by locking it in the house and on regaining consciousness, feed it with soil in the name of increasing immunity.

From the village, the jungle, to the disco pub and the dazzling and running world then come from the city to the jungle village for peace of mind and health. From this, it comes to the conclusion that nature has already given better than what technology has given..!! Let’s respect it…….

Refined oil is mainly in the process of mixing, or it can be described as an oil diluted with acid, or it may be detailed as an oil processed with an alkali, filtered with earth particles that are indirectly harmful to the human body.

Stages Of Making Refined Oil

  1. Extraction of Oil – While extracting oil they add hexane ( a petrolium product) in the oil. Can you believe you are eating petrolium product in your cooking oil daily.
  2. High heat process – In refining process oil is processed on high heat (200 degree cescius to 300 degrees)
  3. Degumming – In this stage phosphric acid is added to the oil.
  4. Caustic Soda – After that, caustic soda is added to remove free fatty acid.
  5. Deodorization with high degrees steem

Health Problems Refined Oil Causes:

  1. Heart Diseases
  2. High Blood Pressure
  3. Diabetes
  4. Cancer
  5. Digestive Problems
  6. Stress & depression
  7. Headache, dullness, weakness
  8. Abdominal Pain

60% of heart patients of the world belong to India. Because of the food items we are consuming.

Nowadays, Due to the COVID situation, people are more inclined towards healthy food concerns, oil-free diets are intensively accepted by people. With an oil-free diet, keep in mind that they meet their intake requirements for essential fatty acids as well as all the fat-soluble vitamins and nutrients. Oils and fats can help nutrient absorption from your daily meal, specifically unrefined fats are essential to proceed a healthy lifestyle as they enhance our immune systems, which are needed for energy, and plays a vital role in bone health.

We hope, you understand better now how refined oil is killing you inside.

But the next important thing is what to do now? How and Where you will find natural oil?

So here we are with a permanent solution for you. Shree Aashirwad Oils are made with following traditional processes like wood pressing, cold pressing, kachi ghani to produce natural and 100% organic oil. Replace your health enemy as refined oil with Shree Aashirwad fresh and edible oil with a lot of nutrition in it.

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