Nutritional benefits of Sesame

Nutritional Benefits of Sesame

Introduction: Versatile Sesame seeds and oil are food flavoring and rich sources of protein. In India, it is also known as Gingerly or til. Sesame oil is bland in taste and also not highly aromatic. So, today in this blog we’ll discuss the Nutritional Benefits of Sesame Oil.

Sesame seeds are also known as “Queen of Oilseeds”. These are filled with rich proteins, antioxidants, and delicious nutty aroma and flavor.

Sesame oil is very common in India. Every one of us will easily find sesame oil in the corner of our kitchen. We consume it on daily basis in our food and sabzis. Sesame oil is one of the commonest oil in Indian cooking oils.

What are the Benefits of Sesame oil?

  1. Lower bood pressure.
  2. Good for skin and hair
  3. Source of Unsaturated fats
  4. High in Antioxidents
  5. Great for your heart
  6. Helps you fight stress and depression
  7. Controls blood sugar
  8. Prevents danruff

Uses of Sesame Oil

  1. Cooking
  2. Hairs
  3. Massaging Oil

How Shree Aashirwad Sesame Oil is Produced?

Sesame oil is produced from a pressing technique. This pressing technique is called the wood press technique. Shree Aashirwad wood pressed oils are extracted using a wood pestle that presses the sesame seeds crush them and extracts the oil. Shree Aashirwad wood pressed oils are produced under low heat and contain no chemical in process at all.

The wood pressing process is 100% natural and provides us with better, fresh, and organic oil.

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